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Dawett Finest Indian Restaurant, located on 1435 Ellis Street, in Kelowna, brings to you the finest exotic Indian cuisine. We proudly offer excellent Indian cuisine at very reasonable prices.

We Hope your visit to our Tandoori restaurant in Kelowna will give you an unforgettable glimpse of India.

We truly are an Indian experience. You get to witness everything Indian cuisine has to offer from juicy and tender Tandoori dishes to rich sweet-smelling curries.

The staff and managing supervisors work with the concept that a welcome gesture in any language comes directly from the heart. The caring and friendly service makes our guests feel right at home.

We hope your visit to our Tandoori restaurant in Kelowna will give you an unforgettable glimpse of India, its rich cultures and the real taste of exquisite Indian food. From the moment you step foot in tour store you will feel, smell and see the modern Indian ambience and eye-catching beauty.

About Dawett

An invitation give by Emperor to Kings, Vizeers, his companies and close relatives. A feast, was prepared by the best chefs in his empire and served by rather beautiful ‘Daasis’.

About Tandoori Cuisine:

When they hear the word Tandoor, many people jump to the conclusion that the tandoori is a recipe. Simply put, tandoori is marinated meat that is cooked over an intense fire in a tandoor. A tandoor is a clay oven in which a hot fire is built. Marinated meats are slowly placed into the oven on metal skewers and cooked in the smoky and extremely hot temperatures until done.

The heat inside a tandoor is traditionally generated by a charcoal and wood fire, therefore exposing the food to live-fire and radiant heat. Temperatures in a tandoor oven can approach 480 degrees Celsius. The oven remains lit for longer periods of time so that the chefs can maintain high cooking temperatures.

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