Tender marinated meat-grilled in clay oven.

22> Tandoor Chicken
Marinated and cooked in tandoor clay oven(1/2 chicken)…..$13.95

23> Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken breast marinated and cooked in tandoor…….$14.50

24> Lamb Tikka
Boneless cubes of tender lamb marinated and cooked in tandoor….$14.95

25> Fish Tikka
Deboned fish marinated in yogurt,ginger,garlic and grilled over our charcoal clay oven…..$15.95

26> Paneer Tikka
Marinated home made cheese, onions, peppers, cooked in tandoor…..13.95

27> Tandoori Prawns
Jumbo prawns,marinated and cooked in tandoor….$16.95

28> Mixed Grill
Tandoor chicken,seekh kabob,lamb tikka,chicken tikka and fish tikka…….$17.95