The Right Etiquettes of Restaurant Reservation

The holiday season is that time of the year when most restaurants are crowded. As such, dining out at popular restaurants during weekends or holidays requires reserving a table well in advance. It is not uncommon to arrive at a famous restaurant and gets disheartened to know that they require reservations. This is because most of the best restaurants prefer or even require reservations on special holidays or weekends when they are likely to be crowded.

When you want to make sure that everything goes well when you take someone special out for a dinner, reserve a table. Reservations guarantee you to get a table during a busy Saturday night or New Year eve. So, next time when you want to spend an evening dining at a popular restaurant, it’s best to make a reservation for a table ahead of time, especially when you have a large group.

The purpose of restaurants asking you to make reservations is to enable them to plan in advance by schedule enough staff to ensure a steady flow of customers. However, there are a number of things you should consider while booking a table at a restaurant. By learning the reservation protocols it becomes much easier for you to enjoy dining out at upscale restaurants. Whether you’re a group of 20 or more people or just need a table for two, there is some etiquette to follow when making a restaurant reservation.


Make a Call

For reserving a table, you always have two options- phone call and online booking. It is highly recommended to make a personal phone call rather than booking online. This is because you may need some additional information which is not necessarily available online. For instance, you’re taking your special one out on a dinner date and want some peace around. But online booking doesn’t tell you that there is a large party arriving at the same time next to your table. Moreover, often online mode of reservation doesn’t show the table’s location. You wanted to dine inside but the reservation available online is actually for a table outdoors. Therefore, it’s best to make a call. Moreover, make a call at least a week in advance. Some popular places are booked even earlier, sometimes as much as a month or two before big events.

Booking for Special Occasions

During certain times of the year, lavish restaurants are more crowded. There are many holidays and special occasions like Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day when most people want to treat their special one especially. For such days, you’ll need to contact the restaurant staff much in advance. This becomes even more necessary if the restaurant has a breathtaking view, such as one overlooking a lake.

Reservation for a group

While booking, make sure to inform the reservation staff all about your special event. When booking for a birthday party, anniversary, engagement announcement, or promotion celebration, be clear of all your needs. Consider informing in advance about the food allergies, need of a wheelchair or other accessibility needs, booking a corner table, delivering an engagement ring along with champagne, etc. In addition to this, make a habit of picking an exact time.

Timely inform about any changes or modifications

Once you’ve made a reservation, the restaurant will make sure to keep it exactly as it is. For the restaurant staff, there is no way to make assumptions about plan change. However, it becomes your responsibility to inform them as early as possible about any change or modification in the plan, if any. Whether you want to change the date, time, the number of people, or cancel it altogether, it is your duty to tell them. Moreover, if you’re likely to get late in arriving, do make a call to inform the staff. It is for your own good to call them early so that the restaurant will have time to accommodate you, even if you’re running late.