Six Sins to Avoid While Dining at an Indian Restaurant

If you have been planning to try some Indian food, you must know certain things about Indian restaurants that you might not know already. While exploring any new place or food outlet, anyone is likely to be super cautious about trying to not make any mistake and eat as gracefully as one can.

If you are also someone who is looking forward to enjoy a delicious meal at an Indian restaurant while not making any mistakes, you will find the following tips handy.



Many Indian restaurants only offer buffets. While this can offer some variety on your plate, it does not mean that your plate contains the best among all Indian food. If you really want to get the best among the rest, you will need to skip the buffet for once and order individual dishes.



The best way to really enjoy an Indian cuisine is while sharing it with your near and dear ones. Gather some friends or family and head to the restaurant together. With more people with different tastes, you’ll have a wide variety on your table, which you can test and try. The spirit of Indian cuisine is about celebration and sharing. So, make sure you cherish it and enjoy your food as well as others’ too.



There’s no doubt that Indian cuisine offers some of the best and absolutely mouth watering chicken dishes. But, it doesn’t me a that Indian food is only limited to chicken dressed in different flavours. There is actually a lot to discover beyond just chicken. If you are only treating yourself to butter chicken or chicken tikka masala on the name of Indian cuisine, you are definitely missing a lot out.



There’s a vast number of options available when it comes to biryani or pulav. Biryani is cooked with the rich basmati rice and can be prepared with endless combinations. Be ready to spare the whole day to enjoy even a quarter of options available in the full Indian menu.



The best thing about Indian food is that different dishes can be mixed and matched with others to get some random delights. Mix and match with the spices experiment with the colours, thickness textures and other varieties possible. Do not just stick to the standard curries and lentil dishes. If you are someone who has only tasted the south Indian curry till now, then try considering the north Indian one curry next.



If you truly want to experience the spicy Indian flavours without looking like you were being tortured then you should not skip the rice. Rice balances out the spice in your dish and makes it easier for people who are not used to have such spicy dishes to gorge on the delicacies. The aromatic plain basmati rice paired with some hot chicken curry or spicy lentil will leave you mesmerized. If prepared nicely, there are chances that you will feel it to be much more better than the old naan/roti and curry combo.



Not knowing your spice tolerance can take a toll on your Indian cuisine dining experience. While the best Indian dishes are usually spicy in nature, it does not necessarily mean that you are supposed to bear the pain and burning sensation to really enjoy it. Every person has a different spice tolerance and you should not be ashamed of yours. You should always take care of your spice tolerance and specify the same while ordering your food.