Indian Vegetarian Dishes you Must Try

The diversity in Indian cuisine comes from the vibrant and contrasted culture of India. Indian food is known for its spices and royal texture. From sweet to spicy and healthy to buttery, the Indian food menu consists of everything to make you drool. The perfect blend of flavors indicates towards a scrumptious meal, which not only releases tempting aromas but also makes your mouth water. It is safe to say that you’re missing out in life if you have never tried Indian cuisine.

Although vegetarian Indian dishes like Malai Kofta, Shahi Paneer, Chana Masala, Saag, Dal Makhni, etc., are popular among vegetarians out there, it does not mean that non vegetarian Indian cuisine lags behind. Indian menu offers much on the plate in terms of non-vegetarian dishes.

The Indian cuisine offers much of the Mughal era inspired non vegetarian food.

If you are looking forward to head towards an Indian restaurant to bless your taste buds with some yummy non-vegetarian food, you are likely to find more of chicken based recipes than beef or pork based recipes due to religious concerns. If you are visiting and Indian restaurant for the first time, then you might be clueless about what is what and what to order.

To help you gain an insight into the yummiest of non-vegetarian Indian recipes and make a decision on what to order, we have enlisted some popular dishes below–



Even if you haven’t tasted it yet, chances are that you might still know about the delicious Indian dish called butter chicken. This non-vegetarian dish has gained popularity among a vast number of people world wide. Butter chicken is an iconic dish which hails from the Punjab region of India as is made by marinating the chicken in yogurt and other spicy mixtures, which is then cooked in a creamy and thick tomato sauce. Butter chicken is served with naan or roti and is accompanied with famous condiments like salad and chutney.



Rogan josh is boneless lamb cooked in spicy curry. This dish, made with lamb meat is made with a mixture of yogurt and colourful spices. The usage of special red chilies gives the dish its signature red colour. The dish is topped with some saffron and freshly cut coriander.


Tandoori chicken is savored by people who are more inclined towards spicy dishes. This dish can be said to be another version of barbecue and develops an orange hue after getting cooked. It is one of the most famous non-vegetarian Indian dishes, which will, undoubtedly, leave you wanting more. This dish is made with chicken, marinated in yogurt and some flavorsome spices. Then, it is threaded onto skewers and cooked at high temperature in a tandoor, which is nothing but a round clay oven. It is because of this cooking process that it is called ‘tandoori chicken’. Your tandoori chicken will be served with mayonnaise or mint chutney because that is when it tastes best.



To make chicken tikka masala, chicken is pre-marinated in yogurt and spices and, like tandoori chicken, is cooked in a tandoor. This dish is basically a boneless version of tandoori chicken, the only difference being that chicken tikka masala is served with a creamy gravy which is made with a mixture of onions, tomato, and spices. A final touch of coriander and some cream is added to decorate the dish.



Chicken biryani is cooked with rich basmati rice and bountiful spices. Big chunks of cooked chicken is added along with other vegetables. This dish is most likely to make you fall in love with Indian cuisine.