Scientists Explain Why Indian Food Is So Delicious

Ever wondered why Indian food is so delicious? Well, scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious. According to their research, Indian food’s intoxicating aromas and hodgepodge of ingredients is what makes these foods appealing. Heavy doses of tamarind, cayenne, cardamom and other flavours help to form the pillars of what tastes so good in Indian restaurants in Kelowna.

According to a research carried out at the Indian Institute of Technology in Jaipur, scientists found out that Indian dishes are based on a different flavour principle compared to western cuisines.  The flavours found in Indian cuisines oscillate between spicy, savoury and sweet. But what really makes Indian dishes so endlessly rich and tasty?

What makes Indian food so novel and delicious?

Scientists discovered that the combination of different flavours and ingredients that are carefully chosen are the key reason why Indian food tastes so unique. The flavours do something radical at the molecular level. Scientists found out that there were many reasons that make Indian food so delicious. Some of these reasons include:



For centuries, Indians have been known to possess great knowledge about spices which has been passed down from generation to generation. Indian food is prepared using a large variety of spices and the technique used to prepare these meals maximizes the flavour in the final product. Skilled Indian cuisine cooks understand that the secret to preparing delicious meals is all about knowing how to combine different spices to create tasty dishes.

As discussed before, the key lies in combining ingredients and spices that contribute to negative food pairing. What this means is that Indian dishes are prepared using several different ingredients which do not contain overlapping flavours.


Over the centuries, food recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, and over the years, Indians perfected on creating dishes that are unique and tasty. Now, the recipes continue to be improved and adapted based on available ingredients and personal taste.


Indian food was initially prepared with health in mind. The ingredients used are healthy and they are good for adding taste to the dishes. Dishes prepared include lots of nutritious vegetables and other ingredients like rice, beans and coconuts. Contrary to the belief that healthy food does not taste good, Indian cuisine has proved critics wrong.

Food pairing

There are two primary factors that drive dishes flavour; technique and ingredients. Ingredients used to give Indian food distinctive flavour include spices, herbs and other flavourings. When it comes to preparing these dishes, Indian delicacies do not share compounds like western cuisine does. For example, a simple Indian dish does not contain less than seven ingredients.

Experienced chefs

It has been proved that Indian cuisines that feature loud flavoured ingredients are trickier to manoeuvre than other cuisines. This means that only experienced chefs can create truly delicious Indian food.

Bottom line

For years, scientists have been working to find out why certain cuisines seem to pop out more than others. The conclusion made is that Indian food is considered one of the tastiest simply because precision is included when it comes to choosing the ingredients used. Other food experts argue that molecular compounds in ingredients do play a huge role to ensure that food acquires a distinct taste. However, experience plays the biggest role to preparing tasty Indian dishes.

Research shows that majority of people who try Indian food for the first time end up loving the dishes and go back for more. Restaurants that serve Indian food have a unique ambience which makes the dining experience even more special. It is important to eat in a restaurant that exclusively offers Indian dishes since they hire professional chefs who are more experienced.