Why The Indian Cuisine Is Great For A Vegan Diet

The vegan diet is very particular and vegans are very careful when choosing restaurants where they can dine outside of their own kitchens. Indian cuisine is one of the few culinary categories that accommodate vegan diets very well. There are many benefits of choosing Indian cuisine apart from having dishes with great taste. As a vegan, these are the top reasons why you should include Indian cuisine in your diet.

Endless options

Indian cuisine has a diversity of dishes to choose from that will keep you craving for more. Indian dishes are based around carbs such as potatoes or rice, meaning your vegan options are expansive. Having a diversity of dishes will help you to enjoy a well-rounded diet too.

Food don’t contain animal or animal products


Most of the authentic Indian dishes are prepared with ingredients that do not contain any kind of dairy, including cheese, cream or milk. The cream available in many sauces, such as curry is prepared using coconut cream. This allows vegans to make worry-free food choices.

Filling and healthy

Indian cuisine is prepared with health in mind. Indian food is packed full of nutrients and protein, all found in vegetables, lentils and beans offered in each dish.

Accommodate every type of diner

Indian food dining is a social and fun activity that caters to a lot of people. Vegans can enjoy a meal in an Indian restaurant with their friends who are not vegans and everyone’s needs will be catered for. The choice of food available in vegan friendly restaurants in Kelowna also caters for those who like less spicy food to very hot food.

Some of the delicious food a vegan can enjoy in an Indian restaurant include:

  • Pulao

This is aromatic rice that is sautéed with spices. Pulao is served as a centrepiece of any meal tossed with spinach, tomatoes, peppers and peas. This dish is best enjoyed with fresh coriander salad, roasted papad and pickle, and lemony cucumber.

  • Pakora/Bhaji

Bhaji are delightful bites that are fried after being coated with gram flour. This dish is made with a variety of ingredients, but onion is the classic ingredient that makes it tasty. Have your Pakoras or Bhaji spiked with turmeric, salt, carom seeds and a bit of chilli powder.

  • Cream

In this case we don’t mean the dairy stuff. Cream found in Indian restaurants is made of nuts like cashew, peanuts and almond, and coconut milk. This recipe to create tasty cream has been used in India indigenously for years. This cream is used as a substitute for creamy smooth curries such as dairy cream and yoghurt.

  • Curry

Indian curries are made with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and onions. The curry also includes herbs like mint, dill and coriander, and spinach which are blended with green chilli to create sublime curry.

  • Chana

This is an Indian cuisine made from kidney beans, black-eyed beans and chickpeas which are sautéed to create a curry. Chilli is added to lift its texture and later on coriander is sprinkled in abundance before being served.

  • Uttapam, Dosa and Idli

Dosa is a moreish crispy pancake, Uttapam a thick pancake and Idli is a steamed bun. These are dishes from the Sothern part of India and they are made from lentils and fermented rice. When dunked into sambhar dal and spicy coconut chutney they create a great meal for vegans.

  • Chilla/Pudla

These are made from gram flour and they make fantastic pancakes for breakfast or brunch. Some refer to this dish as omelettes. They are a great alternative to milky pancakes and crepes. They acquire their distinctive taste from ingredients used such as coriander, fresh ginger, turmeric and chilli.