7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Indian Dining Restaurant

Whether you are feeling adventurous for a unique cuisine or you just want to expand the gamut of your palate, there is no better place to start than an Indian restaurant. This, however, can prove to be a daunting experience given that Indian cuisine is so disparate. Following are a few suggestions to consider when choosing an Indian restaurant.


Look Up the Key Words

Make sure that you have enough grasp over the common terms associated with food so as to make sense of the menu. Words like “kadhai” (the name of the vessel it is cooked in), “makhni” (a gravy that is buttery), “tandoori” (the clay oven it is cooked in) and “tadka” (mild gravy dish obtained from a tempering process) are just few of the common occurrences in the pages of a menu. While these words might look intimidating, they can often be traced back to simple origins, like the methodology of preparation, or the type of oven it is made in. With time, you will surely get accustomed to this vocabulary.


Know Your Spice Tolerance

It is an absolute given that Indian food is spicy. The level of spice fluctuates from one dish to another. While ordering your food, make it a point to ask your server to explain the dish to you in detail. This is to make sure that you know how spicy the food is going to be, and additionally, it will also be a cautionary measure if you happen to be allergic to any of the ingredients present. However, if you have a particularly delicate stomach, this should not be a deterrent to your craving of Indian cuisine. Most Indian restaurants will oblige to your instructions to make the food less spicy, so that you too can have a taste of a cuisine that is so exquisite.


It Takes Time

Indian foods usually take a rather long time to prepare, so be patient. Book a restaurant in advance and order some appetizers. The preparation of Indian food is as complex as its flavor, so give it enough time. The resultant dish will surely be etched into your memory for a long time to come, so wait it out a little.


Don’t Be Worried If You Are a Vegetarian

The Indian cuisine is inclusive of vegetarian foods and you will never find it difficult to navigate your way through a menu if you do not eat meat. Also, this is in no way a missed opportunity for you to try the classic Indian dishes. Most staple non-vegetarian dishes have a vegetarian counterpart. For instance, you could always order Paneer Tikka Masala instead of Chicken Tikka Masala if you would rather not have meat. If you happen to find yourself in Kelowna, you can visit the best Indian restaurant of the area, which not only provides vegetarian food but is also vegan-friendly.


Which Indian Cuisine?

The Indian cuisine, just like the country, is marked by diversity. Each corner of the country has its own distinctive cuisine. The south Indian cuisine is immeasurably different from the dishes of northern India. Inquire beforehand whether a restaurant serves the particular sub-cuisine you’d like to try. Don’t treat this as a cause for concern. In fact, this only means that there is more to explore and more to eat.


Dessert Time

Indian desserts are made out of dough or milk in combination with other ingredients. There is no dessert on a typical Indian menu that won’t appeal to you. Some of the essential desserts would be gulaab jamun, rasgulla, ladoo and payasam. These dishes are complemented by the accompanying spices, like cardamom, pistachios or nuts. They are rightfully the best part of the Indian cuisine, and all Indian restaurants have an assorted desserts section in their menus.


Savor the food

Indian food is meant to be eaten with as much time as it takes to prepare the food. Therefore, keep in mind to choose a restaurant with a pleasant ambiance, so that you can relish your food. Some of the best Indian restaurants in Kelowna provide services par excellence, so that you are guaranteed an incredible experience.